Commercial Carpet Cleaning

• Cleaning Customized For Your Specific Needs
• Cleaning Commercial Carpet Customized For Your Specific Needs
• Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning / Low Moisture, Hot Water Extraction
• Low Moisture Bonnet / Encapsulation Carpet Dry Cleaning 
• Soft Water Rinsing
• Preconditioning Agents Included
• Individual Spotting for Difficult Stains & Traffic Areas
• Deodorizing As Needed
• Vacuuming Prior, During or After Cleaning
• Portable Equipment When Needed
• Air Drying Units and Dehumidifiers Used When Needed 
• Commercial Pricing
• 100 to 100,000+ Square Feet per Day
• Normal or Corrective Cleanings
• 4 Hour Drying Time
• Pricing varies based on soiling, total square footage and requested frequency
• Evening & Saturday Appointments Available

Unique amongst Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati commercial carpet cleaning companies, Fabrex / Solar-Seal® provides an unsurpassed level of quality and service dedicated to your total satisfaction.

Our clients have found that having their carpets expertly cleaned and protected by Fabrex / Solar-Seal® generally lowers their annual maintenance costs and reduces their cleaning frequency requirements. 

The following is a general overview of the Fabrex / Solar-Seal® carpet cleaning system.   

Typically we utilize a low moisture, hot water extraction, carpet steam cleaning process.  Traffic areas are pre-conditioned prior to carpet steam cleaning.  The system injects a blend of pre-softened, water based, neutral pH cleaning agents into the face fibers of the carpet.  These cleaning agents are blended to meet the needs of your particular soiling problems.  The cleaning process contains a mild deodorizing agent and all spots are individually treated.  The soil is suspended in solution and vacuumed up along with the excess water for proper disposal. 

In addition Fabrex / Solar-Seal® often employs a carpet dry cleaning, bonnet procedure to achieve maximum results.  In this process the carpet fibers are sprayed with a water-based, encapsulating solvent and gently agitated with a bonnet machine. This dry carpet cleaning technique lifts the remaining soil and moisture from the carpet using special absorbent pads.

Air drying units are used often used to encourage a drying time of approximately 4 hours or less.  Quality cleaning maintains the aesthetic appearance and extends the life of the carpet and keeps your offices looking the way it was intended.

As you can see, Fabrex / Solar-Seal® does not just steam clean carpet. We are committed to providing the latest cleaning chemistry, technology and techniques to achieve the highest results in carpet cleaning in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. In addition, our technicians will work with your existing staff to help train them on proper interim carpet spot cleaning.

Please feel comfortable in calling us.  Pricing is by estimate only.  Estimates are of course at no charge.  

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