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There are several different types and levels of deodorization.  Each odor problem is unique and demands a professional inspection to determine the procedures required for correction.  Briefly outlined below are some of the steps that Fabrex / Solar-Seal® can take to eliminate a house odor problem.  Other products and chemistry not listed can and are often used depending upon the cause and severity of the odor.


Most carpet smell problems can be attributed to some type of foreign matter present in the carpet.  Normally, a deep cleaning using a hot water extraction method combined with special releasing agents followed by a topical application of a disinfectant will rinse out this material and correct a wide range of simple carpet smells. Cleaning should always be step 1 in any odor cleaning removal process.


These treatments are designed as a carpet pet odor remover or as a mold odor removal spray.  They are used to destroy bacteria, mold, mildew, or that musty odor that can occur whenever excessive moisture is present over an extended period.  After cleaning, a spray application on carpet, walls, concrete, upholstery or floors will safely kill the spores, sterilize the textile and permanently correct these odors.

Bonding or Pairing Agents:

Are used in the cleaning solution or as a spray applied finish.  One molecule of the deodorizing agent bonds with one molecule of the odor, chemically changing the contaminant to a non-aromatic compound.  This chemistry is used to eliminate pet odor or to correct difficult odors caused by such things septic back up.

Ozone Treatment:

An ozone machine is brought into your home or facility to generate a dry, gaseous cloud containing a third molecule of oxygen.  This unstable molecule permeates most surfaces and reacts to oxidize and destroy the foreign matter that is not removable through cleaning.  This process can cover a large area and is very successful on smoke odor removal and fire damaged textiles.

Thermal Fog:

A thermal fogging gun is used to create a heated cloud of very small deodorizing particles that will permeate the entire structure to encapsulate the cause of the odor. These particles penetrate deep into the textile and eliminate generalized odors caused by smoke, pet smell in carpet, body odor and cooking vapors.

Masking Agents:

These chemical compounds are designed to mask the odor.  Much like a perfume, these scented products are used primarily for pet smell removal when other methods are unsuccessful, unable to be used, or cost prohibitive.


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