Spot Dyeing / Color Repair

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Home carpet dye, like the color in Oriental rugs, can sometimes be inadvertently damaged by a caustic spill.  Other times, a formerly “permanent” stain can only be removed by reducing or removing some or all of the original color in the textile.  On occasion, a client may just want to change the original color of a custom area rug simply to change to a new look.

All of these situations require profession color restoration.  Fabrex / Solar-Seal® is a carpet dye company that uses the same carpet dye and pigment that are used by the manufacturer to dye a carpet.  We dye carpet to create a new color or spot dye rug or spot dye oriental to restore the missing original color.  These colors are as permanent and durable as the original color.

Spot dyeing carpet (wall to wall) can be completed in home.  For dyeing Oriental rugs and dyeing custom rugs, we will pick up, dye rug, and restore the color in our facilities.  Dyeing carpet is not a do-it yourself proposition.  We do not recommend purchasing just any type of dye for carpet.  Proper color repair or replacement requires the seasoned hand of a professional

Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual carpet dyeing or rug dyeing needs and wants.  We would be happy to assist you. 


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