Leather Cleaning & Restoration

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The Fabrex / Solar-Seal® leather upholstery cleaning system is a low moisture process utilizing neutral pH cleaning agents.  The cleaning agents are blended to meet the needs of your particular soiling problem.  The dust and dry soil is vacuumed from the piece before cleaning.  The leather is deodorized and all spots are pretreated prior-to and during the cleaning procedure.  The leather is finished with a rinsing agent specifically designed to re-balance the natural pH of the clean leather.  Once the soil is removed, the piece is allowed to dry completely.  Upon inspection, the process is repeated until all of the soil and spots are satisfactorily removed and the leather is completely clean.

After cleaning, the leather is inspected and color is applied as needed.  Each color is blended individually for each piece.  This type of custom dying is used to correct minor color loss in specific areas.  Complete re-dying of leather, if needed, is achieved much in the same fashion only on a larger scale.  The color is “built-up” over several days to achieve proper depth and shade.  The leather dyes used are permanent dyes made specifically for aniline leather cleaning.  These dyes are as stable as those used in creating the original color and are made from the same pigments purchased by the manufacturer.

Upon final inspection and approval, the leather is conditioned with a special treatment that replaces the fat solids removed through normal use and professional cleaning.  This treatment restores the supple feel and keeps the leather from drying and cracking over time.  This treatment also contains our exclusive Fabrex / Solar-Seal® anti-soiling and “sun fade” finish that keeps the everyday soil from adhering to the leather, repels both water and oil based spots and protects the color of the leather from sun damage.

Due to the extensive nature of cleaning leather and the need to restore, re-dye and re-finish the leather properly, the pieces are transported to our facility.  From pick-up to delivery, to clean leather sofa takes about 10 working days to complete barring unforeseen problems.  Pieces can be removed in stages to limit disruption of your home or facility.

Whether you are thinking of cleaning leather seats or cleaning leather sofa, you can be assured that quality cleaning and proper conditioning maintains the aesthetic appearance and extends the life and the color of the leather.

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