Office Panel Cleaning

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• Hot Water Extraction

• Dry Cleaning

• Dry Foam

• Individual Spotting

• Normal or Corrective Office Panel Cleaning

Because of the vast array of textiles and fibers used in office panel fabric, no one method or technique is appropriate for cleaning office panels.  Before determining the proper cleaning method, our trained professionals always make a visual / tactile inspection, perform a “color fastness test” to determine the dye stability of the fabric, and test for the durability of the textile mounting of the office panel system.  Upon inspection, a cleaning method is selected and customized that will provide the best results for your particular fabric and soiling problem.

Typically, the Fabrex / Solar-Seal® office panel dividers cleaning system is a low moisture, hot water extraction process.  We can, however, if the fabric requires, use other systems including dry solvent or dry foam.  In every cleaning method, the first step is to vacuum the dust and dry soil from the office panel systems.  Every cleaning system we employ uses neutral pH cleaning agents.  The cleaning agents are blended to meet the needs of your particular soiling problem.  Individual spots and spills are assessed and pretreated prior to and during the cleaning.  A general deodorizer is used to remove any non-specific residual odors.  Air drying units are used, as needed, to encourage a drying time of approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Although almost all office panels are cleaned on location, Fabrex / Solar-Seal® can also clean office panels individually that have not been erected on site.  Total number of pieces in your office panel systems affects pricing.  Saturday and evening appointments can be arranged to minimize disruption of your facility.  Quality office panel cleaning maintains the aesthetic appearance and extends the life of your office panel system.


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