"Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning"

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• Oriental Rug Cleaning Customized For Your Specific Soil and Rug
• Hand Cleaning As Needed
• Vacuuming Prior, During And/ Or After Cleaning
• Low Moisture Hot Water Extraction
• Soft Water Rinsing
• Preconditioning Agents for Cleaning Wool Rugs, Silk and Cotton Rugs
• Individual Spotting For Difficult Stains
• Re-balancing pH
• Fringe Whitening
• Controlled Drying
• Deodorizing as Needed
• Dye Touch-up as Needed
• Moth Elimination
• Normal or Corrective Area Rug Cleaning
• Rug Cleaning Cincinnati, Dayton, & N. Kentucky has Pick-up and Delivery Available

Because of the vast array of rugs and fibers, no one method or technique is appropriate for cleaning an oriental rug.  Before determining a cleaning method, our trained professionals always make a visual / tactile inspection and perform a “color fastness test” to determine the dye stability of the fibers.  With this information, a cleaning method is selected and customized that will provide the best results for your particular rug and soiling problem.

Whether you are considering cleaning Persian rugs, cleaning oriental rugs or cleaning area rugs, most are picked-up and cleaned under controlled conditions in our facility. 

Typically, the Fabrex / Solar-Seal® oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning system is a low moisture hot water extraction process.  In every cleaning method, the first step is to vacuum the dust and dry soil from the piece. High use areas are pre-conditioned prior to cleaning.  The system injects a blend of pre-softened, water based, neutral pH cleaning agents into the face fibers of the rug.  These cleaning agents are blended to meet the needs of your particular soiling problems and fiber restrictions.  The cleaning process contains a mild deodorizing agent and all spots are individually treated.  The soil is suspended in solution and vacuumed up along with the excess water for proper disposal.  The fringe is whitened and the face fibers are brushed to restore their original look and feel.

In addition Fabrex / Solar-Seal® often employs a “dry cleaning” bonnet procedure to achieve maximum results.  In this process the carpet fibers are sprayed with a water-based solvent and gently agitated with a bonnet machine.  This technique lifts the remaining soil and moisture from the carpet using special absorbent pads.

All oriental and area rugs are dried using controlled temperature and humidity conditions.  Once dry, this process is repeated as many times as is necessary to achieve the best results.  Upon final inspection, the rugs are re-vacuumed and the pile brushed for greater appearance and ready for delivery and re-installation.

If you are looking for a clean oriental rug or a clean area rug in the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Dayton area, we would be happy to be of service.  

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